Who We Are

The Wesley Foundation is named after John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. The Wesley Foundation represents the United Methodist Church on college campuses throughout the United States.


We, the students of the Wesley Foundation at Howard University are called to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.


The Wesley Foundation Student Day: We will celebrate students at Asbury UMC on November 18th. Learn more

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The Bridge: is a diverse community gathered for the Word, Worship, Wheat, and Wine. Learn more

How we live out our faith?

We live out our faith personally and socially. Our founder, John Wesley, believed in practicing both personal holiness and social holiness. Practicing personal holiness and social holiness requires the help of the Holy Spirit through the gift of God’s graciousness. It is grace that allows us to encounter God.

Personal holiness is our response to God’s grace, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in our communal and individual lives. Social holiness is God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit which invites us to respond to our neighbors.

As Methodists, it is our belief that Jesus Christ has given us specific opportunities to encounter his love and grace. Here at Howard, we are called to live out our faith through practicing means of grace: which include The Bible, Praying, Corporately Worshipping, Fasting, Giving, Baptism and partaking in Holy Communion. Although, God’s grace is not limited to these practices, John Wesley identified these disciplines as means of grace for all people in all places.

It is our hope that God’s grace and love will empower us to live our faith socially as well. Meaning that we treat our neighbors as ourselves, respect the earth, choose to spend our money in places that respect the dignity of workers, and proclaim our faith to all whom we encounter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: At home, I don’t belong to a church. Can I still join The Wesley Foundation?

Answer: Absolutely, we encourage all students at Howard to participate in our events. In fact, United Methodist have an Open door, Open heart policy. All are welcome.

Question: I have never been Baptized, will I be able to receive communion?

Answer: Absolutely, as United Methodist we practice an open table, which means any person who desires communion is welcomed.

Question: What is Open Table?

Answer: Open Table means that as United Methodist we believe that the Communion Table does not belong to us (see Matthew 22:1-14).

About the Chaplain

The Reverend Alexis Brown is a Provisional Elder in the Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church. She currently serves in a dual appointment, as a Chaplain at Howard University and an Associate Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church, located in Washington, DC. Rev. Brown has earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Howard University (2006) and a Master’s of Divinity degree (2015) from Wesley Theological Seminary. Rev. Alexis loves the church, loves to sing, but finds excitement in her family; for she believes they are her first ministry. Rev. Brown is married to her biggest cheerleader and love of her life, Christopher Brown; they are the proud parents of Sydney and Jordyn. Her favorite scripture is taken from Psalm 23:3 “He gives me new strength. For the good of his name, he leads me on paths that are right. (ICB)”

A Word From Rev. Alexis

Welcome to the Wesley Foundation’s website! I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Welcome to the Wesley Foundation’s website! It is truly an honor to serve as the United Methodist Chaplain for Howard University. Howard is my alma mater. I can still remember how disconnected I felt from the church as I discerned my life’s purpose on this very campus. I only had had one real “church” experience and assumed most places of Christian community were all the same. Well, little did I know that God had me exactly where I needed to be; sometimes being unsure opens up possibilities for God to lead us in new, transformative directions! I had no idea that God would one day direct me right back here to Howard, with a stronger connection to the church and the students of this campus. I don’t claim to know everything, nor do I want to know everything. But I am willing to walk alongside you, to pray with you, to serve with you, and to point us all back to the One that keeps us from falling: Christ Jesus. I hope that you will participate in the fellowship events and Bible studies, or even join us on a mission trip as we journey through your college experience together. Shalom, Rev. Brown

Mission Trips

The Wesley Foundation is known for sponsoring Mission Trips around the world for college students. The WF@HU, still has that legacy, whenever we speak or invite students to join in WF events, the students say “oh, you are the organization with the Mission Trips.” We hope to continue that rich legacy of allowing minority leaders the ability to represent themselves in parts of the world they would not ordinarily travel to. We know that mission trips have the ability to inspire service, spark ministry, and change the world. We believe that the Students at Howard, seeing the issues plaguing our global community will give us a better opportunity to become allies in social justice issues.

Contact Us & Prayer Requests

Reach out to us for any reason and feel free to send us your prayer requests.